Though many mistakenly think so, The Ultimate Rock Babe Project is not my attempt to become a groupie, nor a try-out to slip my way into some 80’s rock stars’ pants. But since the groupie phenomenon seems to be on the plate, let’s have a closer look at it. And let me state: I don’t have a negative nor positive opinion about groupies. Every woman and man is free to choose their bed buddies as they like.

The legendary Cynthia Plaster Caster http://www.concertlivewire.com/interviews/cynthia.htm

Groupies a.k.a. What a load of women do for rock n’ roll – and how do you get IT with a rock star.

A groupie, according to Wikipedia, “is a person who seeks emotional and sexual intimacy with a musician or other celebrity. -- Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant is quoted as distinguishing between fans who wanted brief sexual encounters, and "groupies" who travelled with musicians for extended periods of time, acting as a surrogate girlfriend or mother, often taking care of the musician's valuables, drugs, wardrobe, and social life.”

Famous groupies have written books about their experiences, inspired rock songs, performed in music videos and bands’ tours, made plaster casts of famous musicians’ family jewels as well as officially dated and even married rock stars. E.g. the Godmother of all groupies, Pamela Des Barres, married her rocker in the end. They divorced 14 years later. These women have created strategies of how to get close to musicians and get what they want: the above mentioned emotional or sexual intimacy with a rock star. In case of interest you can find plenty of documentation about groupie experiences, e.g. the legendary “Penis Chart” and other internet tips & legacies of how the bad-ass rock stars behave between the sheets.

Pamela Des Barres, the first groupie book author. http://realitystudio.org/bibliographic-bunker/megalisters/

How to get some with a rock star?

After watching plenty of documents and reading about the subject, I think I can state a few basic means of how snappy women can get successful in drawing the attention of rock stars (or any men for that matter). So this is what you should do if you’re not satisfied with just the concert experience but you want an extra piece of the rock n’ roll action:

-         Move in a group of equally amazing snappy women who have the same goal as you when it comes to the outcome of the concert eve.
-         It’s good to plan a bit of strategy beforehands.
-         Choose your garments wisely: You should wear colourful and revealing enough clothes: You want to draw the attention of your rock star, not stay a wall flower. And if you are e.g. a group of three colourful chicas you will be noticed far better than if you fly solo. Some of the groupies make their clothes and accessories themselves, some order or buy specialities from other sources. Some groups of women even plan together what they should wear for the night in question to get the best effect.
-         Take time to get ready for the event / concert. Many of the groupies gather for some hours before the concert to get ready together and raise the vibe to the rooftops. Then when they finally go out they are already irresistible: Perfect hair, perfect make-up and perfect mood.
-         The same applies to make-up and hairdo as to clothes: Nothing is too much. Colour and volume are the key words. You’ve got to literally be noticeable over a thousand other women. There is always someone more beautiful in the audience, so you got to find the means to shine over any other belladonna. It’s good to be a bit over the top: That way also the musicians / their promoters / roadies know what you are after. It doesn’t come as a surprise for them that amongst the audience there might be some women eager and willing for rock wildness. Then it’s best to make sure your playing cards can be clearly read from a distance.
-         No-one wants to hang out with a bunch of sour depressed women. Make sure you and your posse are in a good witty mood and have a great sense of humour. Positive attitude & action draws people toward you. Also the rockers. They are only men after all.
-         If you know someone form the band, the promoters, or anyone working for the band, use your connections without hesitation.
-         Make sure you hang out somewhere near the stage entrance door, the stage or other visible place for the band, the promoters, or anyone working for the band. They are probably all already half-heartedly looking for you. Make their quest an easy one and be available. But don’t stare like a lunatic, better have fun with you posse in your visible spot.
-         Make eye contacts and smile.
-         When you are approached, don’t get scared. Go for the adventure, be active yourself. Don’t say “no” unless someone crossed your boundaries. Make sure YOU know what you want and what you are willing for beforehands. When the action starts it’s too late to start to consider what your limits might be. And for God’s sake, do say “no” when you feel like no.
-         Clever groupies also prepare their rockers some choices for the night: They might already have a good club in mind where to continue the action, or a more private place where to continue the party. The band is often new in town.
-         If you got lucky and you want to meet the rocker again, make sure he knows you are available. Most probably in order to get a re-run you will have to approach him if you have his contact info. But don’t expect a relationship, that’s not what you’ll get, but more of the same as what you were out for to begin with. He’ll get it from a thousand other women and probably won’t call after anyone, but might accept your company again if you contact him. And if he really likes you, well, you’re destined for a Cinderella story (yeah right). But the Cherry Pie chick got his prince charming, so in case you’re really exceptional, why not.

I saw some documents of groupies but only 2 that I thought were actually quite good. The 1st one is about 80’s glam rock scene groupies. You should see this one! It has quite some wacky stories. "Do it for the band":

The 2nd one is about different groupies and their groups: An older groupie who is now married and has kids, an active well known groupie, as well as some beginners. "Secret Lives of Women: Groupies":

The actual full video was removed, I'll add it as soon as I find it again. Here is though a small ad on it.

Other groupie material

“Motley Crue - The Dirt”
“I’m with the band – confessions of a groupie”, “Let’s spend the night together”, “Rock bottom: Dark moments in music Babylon” by Pamela Des Barres
“Rockin seksuaalisuus” toim. Jaana Lähteenmaa
”Lust for Life - Memoirs of an Unrepentant Ex-Groupie” by Margaret Moser
“Groupie” by Jenny Fabian and Johnny Byrne
“And I don’t want to live this life” by Deborah Spungen
”The Last Living Slut” by Roxana Shirazi – Shirazi has been claimed to risk her life for writing this book – read why: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2010/05/23/2010-05-23_iranian_author_roxana_shirazis_bio_the_last_living_slut_dishes_on_her_sexcapades.html

Roxana Shiraz, pic from the above mentioned source.

“Groupies” (1970)
“Groupie” (2010)
“Almost famous” (2000)
“The Doors” (1991)
”Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist” (2008)
“Sid and Nancy” (1986)

http://greatgroupies.tripod.com/index.html -the most legendary of them all
Basically just google to get what you want.

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  1. Kiitos vaan linkeistä, mielenkiintoisia pätkiä. Ihmetyttää vaan noissa emännissä, että miksi yrittää 45+ iässä näyttää edelleen kakskybäseltä? Siinä ei voi kuin epäonnistua. Kaikki ovat make-overin tarpeessa, myös tantaksi muuttunut Adriana or what's her name.